Monday, July 7, 2008

The Tao of Jed is my portrayal of the patriarch of the Clampett clan. Jed has been represented as a being who has reached enlightenment. He has streams of light pouring out from behind his head, and the fist on the chin signifies that although he is a simple man, he ponders the mysteries of life.

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Unknown said...

Love your artwork. Saw your Tao of Jed postcard at the printshop behind Rosetti's and came down to the shop on Main St a few weeks back to see you, but you weren't there.

I am in the second issue of my full-color advertiser, The Coast Advertiser by Consumer Focus Monthly. We distribute through the Echo at the end of each month, and I want your Tao of Jed in there promoting you. I'll give you a definite discount.

Also, I'm looking for a charicature artist to work at my tent at OLG's Crabfest. Know anyone?

Larry Merritt