Friday, February 11, 2011

Friends of the Animal Shelter

10% of all sales of my animal art at Gallery 220 in Bay St Louis will be donated to Friends of the Animal Shelter, a terrific organization in Hancock County, Mississippi.
Back Yard Dogs!  These small assemblages were created from smashed bottle caps, mirror tiles, paperclay, acrylic paints, painted ceiling tiles, the tops of cypress fence boards, and magnetic hearts.
Back Yard Dog 1
Back Yard Dog 2
Back Yard Dog 3
Back yard Dog 4
Back Yard Dog 5
Back yard Dog 6
Back Yard Dog 7
Back Yard Dog 8

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alley Cats!  These small assemblages were created from the top sections of boards from a weathered cypress fence, ctas made of metal and imported from India, and battered ceiling tiles.
Alley Cat #1 was created from a painted piece of fence, a battered wood cat, and a section of decoative molding.

Alley Cat # 2
Alley Cat #3
Alley Cat #4
Alley Cat #5
Alley Cat #6
Alley Cats #7  

Gatto Italiano! These small (6" x 6") feature cats loaded with personality and mouthing off in Italian. The original paintings were done on paper; these images have been printed on canvas that is adhered to 2" deep blocks of tung wood, and repainted to give the piece texture and depth. The English translations are printed on the back of each piece.
Gatto Italiano Box

Gatto Italiano Broken

Gatto Itaiano GPS

Gatto Italiano Quarterback

Gatto Italiano Really Thinks

Gatto Italiano Rivera